November 21, 2011

Weekend Diary

I'm getting pretty darn good at this "relaxing weekend" business.

The weather in So Cal has been acting surprisingly... fall-ish. 
You know -
rain.. wind.. cooler temperatures.
I absolutely love it. 
Thanksgiving is only a few days away,
and for once,
I actually feel like it's time!

Back to my weekend though...
A lot of lounging was done.
Home-cooked dinner on Friday,
movie night with my girls on Saturday,
and a spontaneous trip to Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday. 

Now, you may be thinking to yourself,
why would you go to a theme park on the rainiest day of the year, you weirdo?
Well... when free tickets present themselves, I have a VERY hard time saying no.
We even dragged some friends along with us,
and you know what?
We all had an awesome time. 
An extra bonus of monsoon weather at the park?
No lines!
We were done with all the rides within a few hours, 
and then treated ourselves to a few brewskies at the bar for the remainder of the day.

Sunday Funday at its best. 



SAMANTHA said...

this blog is awesome, thanks for visiting me.. it's so fun finding new, great blogs. i'll be following - hope you can come back + visit ;)

Daniela said...

For free, I'd go in the rain too! lol

lapetiteblonde said...

lovely pictures!!like it=)
kisses pretty and have a nice week=)

Nina Josephine said...

Really nice pictures.

Audrey. said...

How beautiful is your blog?I've just created one,but I'm not really expert in blogging!xD