June 29, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand - Part I

First day of our trip, and thank God for that,
because we definitely needed all our energy to take in this city. 
The colors, the smells, the constant flow of traffic.. 
our senses were erect from the minute we stepped out of our posh hotel room,
and I didn't expect our experience to be any different. 

Our first day in the Thai capital happened to fall on a Saturday,
so we decided to cover the city by bicycle,
trusting ABC Bike Tours to show us a swell time. 
We were joined by a Swedish couple, a friendly German, and a... reserved man from Morocco,
as we cycled miles upon miles that day, stopping as desired to snap photos, grab snacks, or simply catch our breath. 
It was the perfect way to get started with our vacation!
Like I mentioned earlier, 
we happened to be in the city during the weekend,
which means all the markets were in full swing. 
We pedaled our way through some of the busiest vendors,
seeing all sorts of things being sold. 
Exotic fruit, fresh seafood.. and a whole variety of meats. 
It was definitely an experience. 
The heat in Southeast Asia is unforgiving. Poor Erik was drenched after the first five minutes on his bike. 
Rambutan! So cheap, and so refreshing on a hot day. 
After a few hours of biking through the city,
we took a ferry out to a much calmer part of town. 
There, we pedaled through the lush green forests,
discovering an old floating market, grabbing lunch, and running from lizards that, I swear, were as big as dinosaurs. 
Umm... curry, anyone?


June 27, 2013

Color in Motion 5k Run

Heyooo San Diego!
Today I have some VERY exciting news for you.
There's a rainbow storm coming our way,
and we all have a chance to play storm chasers.

No, I didn't have magic mushrooms in my lucky charms this morning.

I'm talking about the Color in Motion run,
a 5k course through beautiful San Diego,
that will transform a group of ordinary runners into a moving rainbow.
Sounds awesome right?

How exactly does it work?
Just show up to the starting line decked out in white,
and then proceed to sprint, jog, waddle, or leisurely stroll along for a little more than 3 miles while getting splattered with bombs of colored paint.
Don't worry, the color is not even actual paint, so it's 100% safe and easy to clean,
(but who wants to be clean when you can be colorful?).
I thought so.

Here are the deets:
the run is scheduled for August 24, 2013 @ 9:00 a.m.
Sign up for the race individually,
or get a whole slew of your friends together as a team.

And finally for the best news -
I have partnered with this wonderful organization to promote fun & fitness in San Diego, 
and we're offering all my lovely readers a discount!!
Just use the promo code LoveSanDiego to receive 15% off your registration at checkout.

So what are you waiting for?
It's going to be an epic day in America's Finest City,
so grab your white tee and meet me at the starting line!
See you there!


June 25, 2013

Great Maple

Well, I'm officially back in the states, not missing a beat.
Erik and I just came back from the most amazing trip through Southeast Asia,
and I CANNOT wait to share some photos with you.
But first, this girl has to get back to her normal routine,
which obviously means checking out some of the latest and greatest spots in San Diego.

Up on deck is Great Maple.
I stopped by this adorable diner for lunch with some friends today,
and am pleased as a peach with my experience.
Described as a "European Dinette in America",
this place shows off its love for seasonal produce, responsible seafood and farm fresh American meat by serving it all up through a variety of creative dishes.
The vibe is just what you would expect of a diner, but better... remade with a hipster twist, I'd say.
The decor is absolutely adorable,
and I hope you don't think this is strange,
but I kind of have a thing for pretty bathrooms.
The Great Maple didn't dissapoint.
Floral wallpaper, herringbone patterned tile and brass gold details all throughout?
Don't focus on the outfit... conservative clothes means I had to sneak out of the office. 
Portobello Mushroom Fries
Local Farmer's Beet with Shrimp
The Good Ole' Fat Boy Sandwich
House Fish & Chips
And finally the food.
Pretty good variety during the lunch hour, in my opinion.
A large salad selection makes me a happy girl,
and while I was trying to be good,
the boys I was with chose to be boys,
and ordered up the Good Ole' Fat Boy sandwich along with the House Fish & Chips.
Both were bomb.
(I obviously had to sample each dish to do research for ze blog)
Oh, and don't let me forget about the Portobello Mushroom Fries!
Yeaaa... those were my idea,
and they were worth every calorie!
Great Maple
1451 Washington Street
San Diego, CA 92103


June 12, 2013


If you haven't heard of Stone Brewery
then you've probably been living under a rock. 
#punintended hah!
No, but in all seriousness,
Stone is making some big moves!

Founded in 1996, it is considered to be one of the fastest growing breweries in America in the past 15 years.
The company has received numerous awards and recognition,
and most recently, the famed gargoyle has taken over the quaint gardens of Liberty Station. 
The Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens is the largest restaurant purchaser of local, small-farm organic produce in San Diego,
and at 8,500 square feet, it's absolutely huge!
I'm on a roll today, aren't I?
Must still be drunk. Just kidding. Maybe.   

Either way, you must check out the 1 acre brewery for yourself. 
With seating capacity of 425, 
and 32 craft & specialty beers on tap, 
you won't be disappointed. 

If Disneyland was made for adults,
I would imagine it would look a lot like this. 
The biggest beer garden I ever did see.
Everything is large around here... including the chairs. 
Can you tell we like dark drafts? I promise they're all different. 
Drinking and eating is the responsible thing to do.
Try the Bruschetta BLT - applewood-smoked bacon, organic tomato bruschetta, arugula, aioli and Stone Cali-Belgique IPA stone-ground mustard on ciabbata, with chile-lime tortilla chips.  
BBQ Duck Trio - duck confit, Stone Levitation Ale BBQ Sauce, microgreens, habanero-pineapple salsa and Asiago cheese, served with Spanish brown rice, black bean salad and tomatillo salsa.
Those are my "too many beer flights" glazed-over eyes. Yikes. 

2816 Historic Decatur Rd #116‎ 
Liberty Station, CA 92106