August 20, 2010

Hotter than a Motha

Only a masochist like myself would ever leave San Diego's gorgeous weather for the hotter than hell surroundings of Palm Springs. However, when times are rough, the only thing that sounds better than a perfect 79 degree climate is a weekend getaway with the girls. So, fedoras in hand, we headed out to the desert.

When vacationing in Palm Springs, there's really not a more fabulous place to stay than the Parker hotel. Designed by Jonathan Adler, this chic boutique hotel is just the place to make you forget the fact that it may just be 119 degrees outside. 

Oh and did I mention this place has two full restaurants? The food at Norma's was to die for. After a full night of partying, my friends and I thought we deserved to indulge, so in came the Chunks of Lobster Swimming in Cheesy Macaroni, Cheeseburger, Potato Pancakes, and the Rock Lobster and Mango Salad, just for good measure. 

As if you even had to ask, don't worry, it was all delicious, and it was all devoured.