September 13, 2014

Paris, France - Part I

Oh, Paris. 
Words can't describe how much I love this city. 

Although this wasn't my first, or even my second time in the city of lights,
I couldn't help but be awe-stricken by the beauty of it all as my train pulled into Gare du Nord.
We spent five blissful nights in a tiny apartment located in Saint Germain,
settling into the routine life of fresh-baked baguettes, strolls among the gorgeous buildings, and falling in love with the beautiful people. 

The fact that we've seen most of the major tourist attractions during our first few visits, 
really took the pressure off. 
We didn't feel the need to rush around town, stand in long lines, and constantly check "must-see" monuments off our to-do list. 
Rather, we woke up whenever our little hearts desired and set off on leisurely strolls to explore Paris at our own pace. 
Most of the time, we didn't even refer to a map. 
Somehow, everything just fell into place.