August 5, 2014

Lyon, France

After a whole week of exploring around Italy,
we were ready for a change of pace. 
I'm always excited to check out cities that I've never visited before,
and Lyon seemed like a logical place to stop by on our way to Paris. 
It is, after all, known as the gastronomic capital of the world,
so how could I pass? 

Situated in the Rhône-Alpes region, between Paris and Marseille,
Lyon is the third largest city in France. 
Getting to the city is relatively easy - 
we arrived by plane into Lyon's Saint-Exupéry Airport, and took the Rhônexpress to get to city center.
Easy peasy. 

I picked to stay at the Mama Shelter Lyon during our stay,
and I seriously can't find enough great things to say about this boutique hotel. 
Highly recommend!

We spent only two nights in this beautiful city,
which was honestly not enough,
especially considering the fact that I was out of commission for half that time. 
Welp... you see... I got a little carried away with the whole foodie-capital-of-the-world thing,
and I ended up getting food poisoning. 
What I can tell you, is that I would go back,
and I would eat as much as I could all over again, 
because that's just how I roll.  
The only thing that I'm sad about is that we had to pass on dinner reservations with Paul Bocuse.
Buh... guess we'll save that experience for next time!