July 31, 2013


One of my favorite memories from Spain is siesta time. 
I truly admire the emphasis that the Spanish culture puts on the important things in life..
food, sangria and friends.
What else do you need?
When Erik and I were in Madrid and Barcelona,
we would spend hours upon hours sitting outside at one of the countless cafes,
indulging in all kinds of tapas and having the most random conversations. 
I was beyond excited for the opportunity to make similar memories in our own hometown of San Diego,
 when I was invited to the grand opening of IBERICO Spanish Bistro and Gin Club last week.

The large patio with outdoor sitting area overlooking Prospect Street is the perfect location for this new restaurant. 
Walking into IBERICO, I was immediately smitten with the decor -
the exposed brick wall, the blue glass chandeliers, and the bull accents in all the random places
 transform the space into an authentic Spanish lounge. 
Although the tapas were a bit scarce that night, the sangria was flowing freely,
so I wasn't complaining. 
We had such a great time sitting back, sipping on cocktails and people watching, 
that it really felt like we were back in Europe for a night. 
I can't wait to go back and try out all the entrees - the menu looked amazing!


July 30, 2013

La dolce far niente

Any other Eat, Pray, Love fans out there? 
I just love that book. And of course, the movie
Ah, and let’s not forget about the soundtrack
So, so good! 

The scenes from Italy, where she’s doing nothing but indulging in those luscious carbs? 
Makes me salivate just thinking about it. 
But it’s an amazing message, no? 
“La dolce far niente….The sweetness of doing nothing.” 
It really stuck with me this past weekend… 
Not because I sat around the house and did absolutely nothing. 
Actually, quite contrary – I did A LOT over the past few days. 
But none of it was forced, it all flowed so naturally, and it was all so enjoyable. 
Between a visit to the spa, cooking dinner for our friends, and a blissful day spent in Coronado, 
this weekend was close to perfect.
How was your weekend?


July 27, 2013

Weekend Wants

My shopping wish lists have been growing at an exponential rate lately,
so I figured I should start a weekly series to organize my thoughts. 
This weekend my bestie and I are heading up to Glen Ivy for a super relaxing spa getaway.
Below are some of the items that I'm planning to toss in my bag,
along with others that I wish I had in my arsenal.

One: Doesn't this pool pillow look like heaven on earth? I would not feel a bit self-concious, dragging this baby through the glitzy spa grounds. 

Two: I love the soft look of this Chloe beach bag. Perfect size to fit all these other items on the list!

Three: This J Crew Panama Hat is a classic style that can be recycled for years to come.

Four: I shouldn't even have to tell you why I need this sunscreen. Prevention is key, ladies!

Five: I'm obsessed over the scent and softness that this CD balm leaves on my lips. 

Six: How adorable is this Topshop bikini? The great thing about it? It's totally affordable! Definitely ordering this combo. 

Seven: When I think of beach wear, the first brand that comes to mind is Missoni. The print and style of this tunic is timeless.


July 26, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia - Part I

Siem Reap, Cambodia. 
What... a reality check. 

Although in the past few years Siem Reap has evolved into a full-fledged travel destination,
traces of a tumultuous history are hard to cover up. 
Driving through the tiny streets of the city center, 
our feelings were conflicted. 
The gorgeous five-star resorts encompass nearly every corner, 
yet if you make a wrong turn, you're immediately thrust into the actuality of what is life in this country. 
Shacks built on bamboo stilts, to prevent from flooding, families living off of pennies each day. 
But here is the amazing part - talking to the locals, you would never think anything was wrong. 
And maybe there isn't. 
The Khmer culture is one that I fell in love with almost instantly. 
I don't know if I've ever met kinder people. 
The whole experience made me reevaluate my priorities... reminded me to live in the moment. 
I would recommend anyone and everyone I know to visit Cambodia at least once in their lives. 
It's truly a beautiful country. 
Just to tell you a little bit about the logistics. 
To get to Siem Reap, we booked a three-day tour through Thailand Tours Center
Overall, it was a great experience. 
We had a private driver pick us up from our hotel in Bangkok early in the morning, 
and transfer us to the Poi Pet border. 
There, we met another guide who took us through immigration - 
a process that could have been super confusing, turned out be fairly seamless. 
From the Poi Pet border we were transported to our hotel in downtown Siem Reap via a private, air-conditioned vehicle. 

After checking-in and freshening up, 
we set out to explore the city. 
Our local guide gave us a lift to the Tonle Sap lake, 
where we boarded a long boat to explore the floating village. 
I was embarrassed to admit that I didn't know much about the lifestyle, or even the climate for that matter. 
We found out that during the winter time, deadly monsoons can wipe out the villages, 
killing hundreds of fishermen who go out for weeks in order to support their families. 
We stopped by an orphanage that houses all the local kids who have lost their parents due to these conditions. 
Again, an experience that made me appreciate the life we live, on so many levels. 

We spent the rest of the day walking around town,
stopping into tiny restaurants to enjoy local cuisine and beer. 
We tucked in pretty early that day, since the next morning called for a 4 a.m. wake up call. 
But more on that in my next post. 
Khmer Amok Curry - light fish, infused with coconut and lemongrass. So delish! 
Fried crickets anyone? You know we had to! When in Rome Siem Reap!
Mmmm freshly caught frogs for dinner!
Just kidding... good thing we saw this AFTER we already ate. 


July 22, 2013

Giveaway: San Diego Bath & Body Co.

I am what you would call a “girly girl”.
Hello Kitty makes me giddy, and spa days are my favorite!
I love experimenting with different beauty products, and on any given day,
my husband may walk in on me with a clay mask on my face, coconut oil smeared through my hair,
and my hands in front of a fan as the newest Essie shade dries atop of my fingernails.

One of my favorite summer beauty rituals is to slough off all that dry, reptile skin,
right before I don a short sundress and show off my legs.
All that just to say that I was very excited to be contacted by San Diego Bath & Body Co.
with an offer to try out some of their most popular body soaps and scrubs.
What’s even better?
They offered to give away the same package to three of my lucky readers!

Go ahead, ask me why you need these products in your life.
Well, for starters, who doesn't love free beauty supplies?
And not just any dingy supplies at that.
Just like the foods that you put in your body,
the people behind SD Bath & Body Co. believe that the products you put on your body should be as simple and direct from nature as you can get.
Their products are 100% plant-based and biodegradable.
They never test on animals and they never use any petroleum or mineral oil-based ingredients.
You won't find any icky ingredients like parabens, detergents, phthalates or petrochemicals,
but you will see organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible.
Lastly, all products are made in small batches to ensure supreme freshness, quality and avoidance of any waste.

Want to win a goody bag for yourself?
Here’s how:
1. Follow InLoveWithSanDiego.com via Bloglovin
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Giveaway is active July 22nd until July 28th. Limited to US residents.

That's it!
I'll be contacting the winners early next week,
so don't miss out on your chance to score some San Diego beauty supplies!


July 21, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand - Foodie Picks

If you've been following my blog for a while,
you probably already know that my favorite vacation activities usually revolve around eating. 
With Thai cuisine being amongst one of our top favorites, 
Erik and I were both giddy with excitement about all the dining possibilities in Bangkok. 
It was no surprise that practically everything we tried was tasty, 
and the best part, was that it was also incredibly cheap!
Walking around the markets, you won't ever find yourself hungry for too long. 

I won't ramble on too much about the delicious morsels we dined on.. 
noodles for practically every meal.. breakfast, lunch and dinner! 
But I do want to share two experiences that were above and beyond average. 

On our first night in Bangkok,
Erik and I fought jetlag by heading out for a multi-course dinner at the Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin restaurant,
located at the Siam Kempinski Hotel. 
It was a great way to try out authentic Thai cuisine with a modern flair. 
The restaurant is conceptualised by renowned Henrik Yde Andersen, 
whose Kiin Kiin restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, 
is currently the only Thai restaurant in the world holding a Michelin star. 
The presentation of each course was beautiful, and tasted delicious. 
It's no wonder that this place was included in the list of Asia's 50 best restaurants of 2013
I'm so glad we had a chance to try it!
Salmon with Horseradish and Salmon Roe 
The Sticks - Grilled Pork / Prawn Bread with Sesame / Smoked Sausage / Chicken Meatball
Spicy Tom Yum Broth with Prawn Dim Sum 
Stir Fried Pork with Chili and Basil Foam 
Left: Fried Red Mullet with Curried Peanuts and Turmeric Cauliflower 
Right: Slow Cooked Flat Iron with Aubergine, Leek and Oyster Sauce
Five Kinds of Spices as Dessert 
The beautiful lobby of the Kempinski hotel. 
Our second night in Bangkok happened to fall on my birthday,
so you know I had to go all out when picking a location to celebrate. 
Luckily, all my research paid off,
because the Sirocco restaurant atop of the world famous Lebua Hotel was absolutely stunning.
Located on the 63rd floor of the tower, 
Sirocco is the world's highest al fresco restaurant and one of Bangkok's most coveted dining choices. 
It did not fail to leave us mesmerized with a breathtaking view of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya river,
an amazing Sky Bar, and quality Mediterranean fare with ingredients from the world's best markets.
Live jazz music was just the cherry on top that made my 27th birthday one that I'll never forget!
Foie Gras Duo - brulee & nuts crumble, terrine & banyuls jelly, ginger bread 
La Garrigue Lamb Rack - roasted in thyme ashes, wilted spinach, garlic puree
French Moulard Duck - slow cooked breast, poached egg, asparagus, orange sauce