December 31, 2011


Another year is already upon us.
Can you believe it's going to be 2012?!

I want to apologize for getting a little behind on posting.
Please trust me when I tell you,
it's been a crazy hectic month.

I'm currently in Manhattan,
getting ready to celebrate NYE with millions of other people.
It's a surreal feeling to be here today..
The energy of the city is magnetic!
Can't wait to share with you,
all that I've been up to for the past few weeks.

Right now I have to run and get ready,
but first,
I want to wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments.
It really means the world to me.

Have fun and be safe!!


December 22, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

 Hiiiii guys!
It's been a while, 
Tis the season. 

The past couple of days have been filled with friends,
and food,
and wine. 
Oh.. and work. 
But mostly friends. 

Spa days,
sweets exchanges,
fondue parties, 
and overdue reunions.

I've had a chance to hang out with ALL of my best friends within the last couple of days,
and I feel eternally grateful. 
For having them in my life. 
For being able to see them around this magical time. 

Traditions are being developed as we speak,
and I hope they last forever. 

True friends aren't a dime a dozen.
It took me a while to figure it out,
but that's growing up for ya. 

Do you and your friends have any special traditions around the holidays?
I'd love to hear all about it!!

In Newport Beach with my bestie from Colorado.


December 13, 2011



Pardon my French. 

Just needed to remind myself,
to breathe. 

The last couple of days have been...
But still physically and mentally exhausting. 

Who knew that fixing up the house would be so much work?
I suppose I was kind of asking for it when I decided to plan this mini project,
during the time of finals, work project deadlines, and the holidays. 

But everything will workout eventually.
It always does. 

Finals are already over.
I got all A's.
Christmas shopping is... nearly complete. 
House renovations are coming along beautifully.
So what the hell am I so stressed about?

We should be moving in by the end of the week. 
This time next week I will be getting ready to host a fabulous holiday party for some of my bestest friends, 
celebrating with family, 
and packing for our trip to D.C./New York!

back to work. 
I'll have some house updates for you very soon! 


December 6, 2011

Weekend Diary

I knew this weekend was going to be awesome,
since we kicked it off by attending 

The show was spectacular,
and left us all wiggling our bums and aching to visit Ireland as soon as possible.
The production is currently on tour,
and if they're coming to a city near you, 
I strongly suggest that you check them out. 

Besides that,
our free days consisted of 
shopping for the new house,
eating yummy Thai food,
and hanging with the fam for our nephew's first birthday party. 
How cute are those little munchkins above?
Happy to report that great genes run in the family. 


December 1, 2011

How Thoughtful of You

Do you spend countless hours every year,
boggling your mind about what to get your loved ones for the holidays?

me too.
Well this year is going to be different!
Not only am I going to finish my holiday shopping early,
all my gifts are going to be obnoxiously creative,
and reasonably priced.*

Don't worry,
I've thought about you while I was perusing the limitless options online,
and here are some options
that will make your gift recipients say
"aaaawww.. you're SO thoughtful".

*wishful thinking
Give them the option to go past your face and collect $200!
I mean.. who doesn't love monopoly?
Print out some pics, and customize it for whomever you like.
Extra bonus: you can use this gift for some serious bonding time in between Christmas meals.

Alright, is there really anyone out there who is not obsessed with instagram?!
It's only the best app evah...
Choose a few of your favorite photos,
and slap 'em on a phone case for your loves.
Easy peasy.

There are sooo many wonderful options for customized gifts on Etsy,
it can be really difficult to narrow it down.
I personally love the aesthetics of these note cards.
Choose your favorite color,
and the finished product arrives at your door in an adorable gift box that will melt your girlfriends' hearts.

This gift would not have worked for me a couple of years ago,
but now that I'm married into a giant family,
{hubby is one of TEN kids, and that's just the immediate family}
this sounds like an AWESOME idea.
This will surely make my mother in-law gush with gratitude. Score!

Picture this:
You're hosting your whole family for Christmas this year,
and as the guests go to sit down at the dining table,
they see their names printed on their plates.
Now that's a special touch that you will be getting praised for, for years!