June 29, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand - Part I

First day of our trip, and thank God for that,
because we definitely needed all our energy to take in this city. 
The colors, the smells, the constant flow of traffic.. 
our senses were erect from the minute we stepped out of our posh hotel room,
and I didn't expect our experience to be any different. 

Our first day in the Thai capital happened to fall on a Saturday,
so we decided to cover the city by bicycle,
trusting ABC Bike Tours to show us a swell time. 
We were joined by a Swedish couple, a friendly German, and a... reserved man from Morocco,
as we cycled miles upon miles that day, stopping as desired to snap photos, grab snacks, or simply catch our breath. 
It was the perfect way to get started with our vacation!
Like I mentioned earlier, 
we happened to be in the city during the weekend,
which means all the markets were in full swing. 
We pedaled our way through some of the busiest vendors,
seeing all sorts of things being sold. 
Exotic fruit, fresh seafood.. and a whole variety of meats. 
It was definitely an experience. 
The heat in Southeast Asia is unforgiving. Poor Erik was drenched after the first five minutes on his bike. 
Rambutan! So cheap, and so refreshing on a hot day. 
After a few hours of biking through the city,
we took a ferry out to a much calmer part of town. 
There, we pedaled through the lush green forests,
discovering an old floating market, grabbing lunch, and running from lizards that, I swear, were as big as dinosaurs. 
Umm... curry, anyone?



Anonymous said...

I think I'll take a pass on this place. That fruit.... Eeeeuuu!

Rosie said...

Wow, these photos are gorgeous! What did the hairy one (rambutan?) taste like? :)


Lauren @ Beautiful Fight said...

I stumbled upon your blog. We have very similar lists of places visited!

I had rambutan in the Philippines last year. It was really good. Did you try the durian while you were there? I am sure you smelled it when you were browsing the markets.