December 6, 2010

Cucina Urbana

I was looking through some photos to use for a post about our trip to Florence, when a sudden craving for good Italian food came over me. I've been dying to try out Cucina Urbana for a while now, but every time I attempted to make a reservation for the weekend, the place was always booked up way in advance. Fortunately, my craving just happened to take place on a Wednesday, so one phone call later, the hubby and I were on our way to scope out this busy joint.

Known for combining great ambiance, award winning cuisine and affordable prices (all items on the menu are $20 and under!), it's no wonder that this place is so busy all the time! We decided to start with some stuffed fried squash blossoms which were highly recommended by our super cute Italian waiter, Marchello. Clearly, the man knows what he's talking about, because these little babies were de-li-cious!!

For the main course, we ended up splitting a burrata + prosciutto 'caprese' salad and some cavatelli nero. Everything was delicious, and don't worry, just because the plates are under $20 doesn't mean they're sheisty with the food ;) So hurry in, make your reservation now, because like I said, this place books up fast!

P.S. The post on Florence is still coming.. stay tuned (unless another craving takes over me, tee hee)!



Unknown said...

I love Cucina Urbana! I've only been once but I've been dying to go back. Mmmm now I might be making a Wednesday reservation... :)

xx said...

i will have to try it out!