November 10, 2010

My Definition of a Perfect Day

My wedding was perfect. That's right, I said it. Absolutely perfect. Sounds a little egotistical right? Well I can't help it. I have spent the last year of my life hearing the most unimaginable wedding horror stories out there - I mean one bride's reception hall actually got struck by lightning the day of her wedding! Crazy right? So when my big day finally came I was expecting all sorts of things to go wrong... rain, pimples, wrong flowers, missing vendors.. you name it, I was ready. But to my surprise, things started falling into place one by one, and at the end of the day, when my new husband and I lay our heads down on the oh-so-soft pillows at the Grant Hotel, we couldn't help but giggle at our luck. The day went off without a single glitch, and because of that, I'll always remember my wedding as nothing less than perfect.

Photograph by Bobby Earle

P.S. I do have to mention that perfection comes at a price. Don't be fooled to think that we spent a ton of money on our wedding, because we didn't. We did however put a lot of time into research and planning to ensure that our special day went off without a hitch. What's the secret, you ask? A dream-team of wedding vendors! So here's to our amazing planner - Sheila "Energizer Bunny" Kanoya, a wonderful friend and an even more awesome DJ - Justin Kanoya, a rad wedding photographer - Bobby Earle, and a super sweet videographer - Luke McCain. Thank you all SO much. Xoxo!


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