November 8, 2010

East Coast vs. West Coast

So before I got married I decided to have not one, but two very fabulous bachelorette parties. I completely understand if this sounds just a tad bit obnoxious, but hey, it's my wedding and I could party if I want to... he he. The truth is.. I originally was only supposed to have one party, but since not all of my dear girl friends could make it out to NYC, we decided to have a low key pre-wedding dinner in my lovely hometown of San Diego. I chuckle as I type this because I should have known that a night out with my girls could never be just "low key".

We started off the night with a few cocktails at Lei Lounge. This place is perfect for a girly get together! Their cabanas are adorable, and their food is mighty delicious too.

My gorgeous friends! I'm wearing an F21 lbd. 

Sure enough, after indulging in a few cocktails too many, my girls and I were not ready to head back home. Naturally, going dancing was the only other option, so off we stumbled (fine, I was the only one doing the stumbling) to the Se Hotel's Siren Pool & Uber Lounge. Now take a close look at the next picture and tell me how amazingly refreshing that pool looks...

Super refreshing, right?!? I thought so too, which is exactly why I decided to jump in, fully clothed, and pull all my friends in with me. If you don't believe me, I have pictures to prove it, but I think I've shared enough secrets from my last weekend as a single lady, and maybe I should just keep that one for myself to look back on and think about how much fun I had, living it up in San Diego ;)


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