January 9, 2012

Washington D.C. - Part III

During our third day in D.C. 
we were kind of all over the place. 
Strolls through Chinatown,
shopping in Georgetown,
and hiding out from the rain in the Smithsonian.

Can you spot me and the hubs? 
Yep, that's me, taking a photo of the video taken via the heat detector cam.
Pretty nifty, eh?

The Smithsonian is amazing by the way. 
In case you've never been,
or you're not sure exactly what I'm talking about..
or perhaps you've heard about it, but were under the misconception that it's just one big museum;
let me tell you a little somethin' somethin'.

The Smithsonian is the world's largest museum and research complex,
consisting of 19 museums and galleries,
a national zoo,
and nine research facilities. 

You'll need at least a week to take in everything there is to offer.
We obviously didn't have that kind of time,
so we settled on two museums:
Both were awesome. 
I mean, what's better than experiencing a flight simulation and taking in an Andy Warhol exhibit on the same day?!

The best part about the Smithsonian?
All the museums are free!
Oooh yeah, 
save that money in your pocket baby. 

Tomorrow I'll be sharing some D.C. food porn with ya. 
Get excited!



Jenna said...

These pics are stunning! I've never been to DC, but have actually had an urge to try and move there if we ever decide to move back to the US. It just seems like such a wonderfully diverse and viby place to be :)


Bailey Schneider said...

Wow wow wow!! I love your photography. I feel like I'm included in the trip, know what I mean?
So awesome!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Leanne said...

I love this post!!

Love from South Africa