January 29, 2012

Oh Hana

Ello loves.
Happy Sunday.
I'm spending the day outside - 
taking in the California sunshine,
and catching up on some blogs and magazines.

I've been getting a lot of compliments about my hair lately,
so I'd like to tell you about some new products that I've been using.

I need to point out that I'm a creature of habit. 
When I find something that works well for my body, skin and hair,
I tend to buy wholesale amounts of that product.
My secret fear is that it will all get discontinued at one point or another...
Don't laugh at me,
this has happened before, 
and I was devastated!

I have been using Chi Hair Straightners on my hair ever since high school. 
They've been doing a fabulous job of making my hair look healthy, 
despite the constant damage I put it through while highlighting, teasing, and styling. 
To be honest,
I've never given much thought about the type of blowdryers that I've been using. 
I've had the same cheap Conair one for the past few years,
and felt like it was sufficient enough...
That was until the lovely people of Misikko sent me 
the best blow dryer evah!

I promise you I'm not exaggerating. 

I came home one night to find a box waiting for me on my doorstep,
and when I opened it, 
I squealed like a little girl on Christmas morning. 
Talk about a care package - 
I got so much cool stuff!

Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner,
styling shields,
and of course the big Kahuna-
the Hana Air Blowdryer.

I never realized how much of a difference the air flow makes. 
Ever since I started using the new products,
my hair is shinier and fuller.
And the best part,
is that it takes half the time for me to get ready now. 


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Bailey Schneider said...

So gorgeous!! I wish we got this in South Africa ;-)
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde