December 9, 2014

Day at the Museum

I love being a tourist in my own city.
Any excuse to get lost in beautiful Balboa Park is good enough for me, 
so when I saw that there is a new exhibit going on at the San Diego Natural History Museum,
I made it a point to make my way over to the historical landmark.

The Discovery of King Tut recreates the awe and marvel of the moment of discovery.
Using state-of-the-art technology, the exhibition recreates a piece of the fascinating, bygone exotic empire on the Nile.
It's a great visit back in time, and overall, provides a good overview of the excavation itself, its story, and its invaluable legacy.

This was my first time visiting the SD Natural History Museum since....
I don't even know, fifth grade?!
Oh what I would give to go back to those days.. a whole week of field trips around Balboa Park?
Sounds amazing.
Kind of made me feel like a kid again,
and who doesn't love that?
The tickets for the King Tut exhibit includes admission to the whole museum, 
so make sure you schedule in a few hours to check out the rest of the NAT.
A little nature outside the Natural History Museum. 
How perfect. 
San Diego Natural History Museum
1788 El Prado, Balboa Park
San Diego, CA 92101



Anonymous said...

Great post Natasha! The pictures are amazing! What is your favorite restaurant? Remember to add it to your Besty List!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! ! I will be in San Diego next weekend & I hope to catch a glimpse of King Tut!