November 25, 2014

ClassPass San Diego

Heading off to yoga in my brand new tank, courtesy of ClassPass
It's about that time of the year,
when clothes start getting bulkier, and foods start getting heartier.
It's usually dark by the time I get home from work, 
which just makes it that much easier for me to make excuses of why I should lay on the couch as opposed to hitting the gym. 

Excuses, excuses. 

Excuses, gone!

I was contacted about trying out a free month of their services last week,
and I fell in love with the concept!
ClassPass is an alternative to a typical gym membership, with a lot more options! 
For $99/month you are able to visit unlimited classes at multiple studios,
and let me just tell you,
This week, for example, 
I'm going to pilates on Wednesday, kettlebell training on Thursday, yoga on Friday, and spin on Sunday. 
I'm like a kid in a candy store! 
The healthiest candy known to man, obviously.

ClassPass is brand new to San Diego, 
having just launched here last week!
We are the latest city to join NYC, Boston, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Seattle. 
As a member, you are limited to 3 classes per studio per month. 
But don't worry, once the next month starts, you can visit that favorite studio again 3 more times! 
Other than that, the membership is unlimited
If you're curious about ClassPass but have more questions, check out their FAQ page here,
or feel free to shoot me an email. 

I'll be sharing a review of my experience with ClassPass in about a month,
so stay tuned!
In the meantime, I hope you take advantage of ClassPass yourself. 
Why wait till the first of the year?


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