September 29, 2013

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

After spending a few adventurous days in northern Thailand,
Erik and I flew down south to relax by the beach. 
We decided to stay in Krabi
a gorgeous destination on its own, and a convenient hub close to all the smaller islands around the area. 
Call it a cliche, but I had to re-read The Beach during our flight to Asia,
so of course I felt like it was necessary to visit the famous sand strips of Ko Phi Phi during one of our side-trips. 

Getting there was fairly simple -
we chartered a boat from Aonong beach, and in less than two hours, we were pulling up along the gorgeous coast. 
The location was everything I imagined... 
turquoise water, powder white beaches, and green covered lime stones protecting the inland from any intruders.
It was definitely one of the most relaxing days during our trip. 
We spent hours lounging on the shore, sipping on fruity cocktails and munching on fresh seafood. 
It was pure bliss! 
Oh what I would give to be back there right about now...


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