April 27, 2012

Holy Cow

have you all read Fifty Shades of Grey yet?

If not,
go ahead and take a day to catch up,
(because it will literally take you, like, 24 hours to breeze through this delicious book),
and then come back when you're good and ready to discuss your afterthoughts.

I mean,
I know this book has been making headlines like no other recently,
and for good reason!
It's been called the "female libido enhancer",
and I'm pretty sure FDA would approve. 

Fifty Shades of Grey is the sexiest,
most erotic novel,
I have ever read. 
Yes, this even beats out all those Danielle Steel books I used to indulge in during my ripe high school years... 

A few things to perk up your Friday?
No pun intended.
1. This book is the first of a trilogy. 
Yep, that means there's two more of where that came from!
2. They're making a movie,
and THIS guy has allegedly been cast as Christian Grey. 
Yeah... I'll take it. 
Hoooooly turn on. 

Now excuse me while I go and take another cold shower,
ha ha ha!



Oliviaaa said...

I just picked up the book the other day. its... something else that's for sure. I will finish book one by tonight. my sickness couldnt have come at a better time! :]

Britt said...

I read all three books in one week! You could pretty much say I am addicted. Holy cow is right!

Beauty Balm said...

I keep seeing reviews of this book! I think I want to read it too x

Dianna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I just finished the first book and the other two just arrived from Amazon last night.

Holy Shit...that Ian dude will make a zexy as hellz Christian.

I glad I purchased these books from Amazon not the local Barnes & Nobel where they know me..he..he..

Love your blog...you take gorgeous pictures.

Anonymous said...

Whoa...that comment from Dianna was uncalled for. I checked out her blog and because of her comment I will not be reading it.

Dianna: You sound scary lady.