September 23, 2011

First Hints of Fall

According to the calendar, today is the first day of fall. I couldn't be more ecstatic to see the first hints of the season peeking in through every crevice. I love this time of the year!

The leaves are slowly starting to turn colors, and what do you know, San Diego is graced with a few drops of rain on the very first day of the new season.

Fall essentials are creeping their way into my closet... my new Missoni for Target picks are going to be perfect in the next couple of months!

With autumn comes a new school year.. I guess one degree wasn't enough for me. That's right kids, I'm officially back in school. You can now find me in the UCSD library on most nights of the week. 

In other news, I'm very excited about this weekend.
Tonight I get to kick off my role as a maid of honor during my dear friend's engagement party, and on Sunday we're going to the Chargers game! Yahoo! GO BOLTS!



Anna Elder said...

i have a friend who graduated from UCSD. :) and my brother used to live in Mission. i'm so jealous that you were able to get clothes from the missoni for target line! super cute. yay for fall. i love sweaters and scarfs.

Jack and Friends said...

Back to school! Back to school! Prove to dad I'm not a fool!

Shels415 said...

Fall is my favorite season! I have been seeing and hearing about Missoni, I might have to check out my local Target.

Looks like you will be a busy gal this weekend! Enjoy the game!

XOXO from San Francisco

Oneika said...

Congrats on the new educational adventure!!!

Eva said...

I love fall! Thank you so much for following me, it means the world xoxo

Amanda said...

Mmmmm... Missoni!
Thanks for the comment too!