January 2, 2011

Here we go again..

Another new year, another set of promises. We go through the same set of notions every 365 days, yet it always feels so different. Old memories are stowed away, and resolutions to make new ones are swore upon so earnestly. I love this time of year.. everything seems fresh and honest. The gyms are packed and everyone around just seems more friendly. It seems as though everyone is holding up the same up-beat attitude - "this WILL be a great year", we all think at some point. I'm a true believer that we can make it happen. Last year was truly amazing.. I honestly could not ask for more. But why not shoot a little higher? My resolution for 2011 is to make every year from now on more memorable, because if we stay positive about the future, it could only get better from here.

We celebrated the new year in Rosarito, Mexico this year. We had such a great time playing games with great friends at our house on the beach. I seriously love that place and the fact that it's only an hour away. And did I mention that you can feast on lobster at any time for only a fraction of the price? Love it!

This year has started off brilliantly, giving me high hopes that my resolution for the year will be fulfilled! What was your resolution this year?



Cate Adriana B. said...

nice pics!

Gilberto Lorenzo said...

I love Rosarito Beach and Baja! Awesome pics!