January 10, 2011


So I'm starting a new series in order to live in the present and appreciate the little things in life. This week, I'm obsessed with:

1. Southwest Airlines - Bless you for still allowing us to check two free bags for domestic flights. God knows I'll need them to pack all those giant coats for our trip to Chicago this weekend! Ten degrees?! Eeeek!

2. Downtown Disney District - I've been working on assignment in Anaheim for over a week now. Although I hardly get to see the light of day, I'm sure I'm not the only one who associates this city with the happiest place on earth. I love being able to walk around the jolly promenade of Downtown Disney while I'm up here. The close proximity to Mickey is rubbing me the right way.. it's aaaaalmost just as good as being inside the park. "Almost" I said. Nothing beats the real deal.

3. In Love with San Diego first official getaway!!! That's right. Stay tuned because I've got one coming for you. Giveaway details will be announced this Friday!

Happy Monday everyone!


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