July 27, 2013

Weekend Wants

My shopping wish lists have been growing at an exponential rate lately,
so I figured I should start a weekly series to organize my thoughts. 
This weekend my bestie and I are heading up to Glen Ivy for a super relaxing spa getaway.
Below are some of the items that I'm planning to toss in my bag,
along with others that I wish I had in my arsenal.

One: Doesn't this pool pillow look like heaven on earth? I would not feel a bit self-concious, dragging this baby through the glitzy spa grounds. 

Two: I love the soft look of this Chloe beach bag. Perfect size to fit all these other items on the list!

Three: This J Crew Panama Hat is a classic style that can be recycled for years to come.

Four: I shouldn't even have to tell you why I need this sunscreen. Prevention is key, ladies!

Five: I'm obsessed over the scent and softness that this CD balm leaves on my lips. 

Six: How adorable is this Topshop bikini? The great thing about it? It's totally affordable! Definitely ordering this combo. 

Seven: When I think of beach wear, the first brand that comes to mind is Missoni. The print and style of this tunic is timeless.


1 comment:

BK Christy said...

wow! love this Top Shop bikini, and thank you for putting sunscreen on your Top 7 list!

xo, K