July 12, 2013

Sugar & Scribe

I can't necessarily describe myself as having a major sweet tooth.
Most of the time, when it comes to snacking, I reach for something savory. 
Very rarely do I turn to Erik and say, "you know... let them eat cake!". 
But last Friday was one of those days,
and as soon as the words came out of my mouth, the husband looked at me with the eyes of a two year old, and said,
"is this real?"

Yes. It was real. 
A confectionary fantasy made possible by Maeve Schulz,
the firecracker owner of Sugar & Scribe Bakery in PB,
when she invited me to check out her shop.
The remnants of her Irish ancestry are visible in every crevice of the shop -
Maeve comes from a long line of Irish bakers. 
Her grandmother worked for British aristocracy in the 1930's,
and when her oldest daughter, Mary, immigrated to the States as a teenager, 
she brought her cooking skills with her, and passed it on to her daughter Maeve when she was just a little girl. 

Although decades have passed since the Schulz girls started baking,
the old traditions are alive and well inside the small quaint bakery on Garnet Ave. 
As you walk inside the teal shop, your eyes will have a hard time focusing. 
Delectable sweets are displayed on every shelf, and everything looks and smells absolutely divine. 
Cookies, pies, cupcakes.. oh my! 
With so many choices, how can anyone ever decide?
I'm glad I had a chance to meet Maeve, and have her give me her personal recommendations. 
I'm now paying it forward, and sharing those picks with you,
so you can act like a real Irish lad next time you stop in for a treat. 
Vintage family photos are displayed throughout the shop, providing a comforting feeling like you stopped by nana's house for some home-cooked pie. 
I'm telling you, Maeve is a real pistol. I hope you have a chance to meet her one day. Your odds are actually pretty good, considering that she practically lives in her shop. 
Just to be clear,
although Sugar & Scribe specializes in baked goods,
they do offer a full tasty menu. 
If you're ever craving some savory Irish staples, this is your place!
The quiche with artichokes and feta was simply sublime!
" Irishmans Soul" - Guinness Braised Beef Shoulder served with fresh Cheddar & Chives Soda Bread.
Quiche with artichoke, feta and pepperoncinis with a side of cranberry, pear & clove chutney. So delish!
Ginger Snaps, served Irish style.
People, listen carefully! That home-made lemon curd is only served with the cookies if you say the words "side of Irish" when you order. Don't forget! Otherwise you'll be missing out on an unbelievable combo. 
So what do you think of this hidden little gem?
I know I'll definitely be stopping by this weekend, and I hope you do too the next time that sweet tooth bites ya!

1420 Garnet Ave. 
Pacific Beach, CA 92109



Mimi said...

ohmygosh, what a pretty bakery! i hope to own something like it one day! :D

<3, Mimi

B said...

Their cupcakes are delish!! We had them instead of cake at a baby shower - YUMMY!!!