July 11, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand - Part II

Since we only had two days to spend in Bangkok,
we wanted to be efficient with our time. 
The sun was up and shining by the time we woke up,
so we didn't need much motivation to get out there. 
We quickly got dressed and set out to explore all the beautiful landmarks that Thailand's capital city has to offer. 
Uh oh... that didn't look good. I'm glad we took a smaller and safer river taxi. 
Beautiful Wat Arun.
Birthday kisses.
After spending some time on viewing some stellar sights from the top of Wat Arun,
we took another water taxi across the river to check out Wat Pho,
which was right next door to the Grand Palace, and home to Thailand's biggest reclining Buddha statue. 
I was pretty stoked about the selection of cover ups I was offered before entering each temple.
Being dressed "inappropriately" can sure lead to a fun game of dress-up throughout the day. 
See what I mean?
From Wat Pho, we decided to hire a tuk tuk driver for the rest of the day, 
in order to get around to some of the smaller temples in a jiffy. 
One of my favorites was Wat Saket, famous for its "Golden Mount," 
a man-made hill topped with a towering chedi that offers incredible views across Bangkok.
All that exploring in the high temperatures of June made us pretty tired,
but nothing that a couple-hour nap couldn't cure. 
Did you really think that I would spend my birthday night snoozing?
Not a chance. 
The husband and I got all gussied up on our last night in Bangkok and hit the town for dinner and drinks. 
I'll have a full summary of our night out, along with some other Bangkok dining recommendations in my next post. 
Stay tuned!


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Mell22C said...

luv these pics! thailand is next on my list!