July 30, 2013

La dolce far niente

Any other Eat, Pray, Love fans out there? 
I just love that book. And of course, the movie
Ah, and let’s not forget about the soundtrack
So, so good! 

The scenes from Italy, where she’s doing nothing but indulging in those luscious carbs? 
Makes me salivate just thinking about it. 
But it’s an amazing message, no? 
“La dolce far niente….The sweetness of doing nothing.” 
It really stuck with me this past weekend… 
Not because I sat around the house and did absolutely nothing. 
Actually, quite contrary – I did A LOT over the past few days. 
But none of it was forced, it all flowed so naturally, and it was all so enjoyable. 
Between a visit to the spa, cooking dinner for our friends, and a blissful day spent in Coronado, 
this weekend was close to perfect.
How was your weekend?


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