March 12, 2013

Weekend Diary

Where on earth does the time go? 
Another weekend came and went,
and although it flew by really quickly,
we still took advantage of every minute.

This weekend I:
-Celebrated Friday with a yummy seafood feast at Oceanaire
The Oyster bar is one of the best in San Diego (mental note to come back for happy hour soon),
and the ahi salad pictured below was super fresh and delicious. 
-After dinner on Friday, my bestie and I walked over a block (in the rain!) to Fluxx for a little dirty dancing. 
Can't tell you much about that night, because I honestly don't remember.. 
All I know is that we had a fabulous time.
-On Saturday Erik and I went up north to celebrate my mother in-law's birthday and to play in the SNOW. 
How beautiful is this? 
Love getting away for a little R&R, even if only for a day. 
-Sunday was definitely a fun day!
The mister and I teamed up with our best friends to participate in the San Diego Challenge,
an Amazing Race type of event that had us chasing down clues all around downtown. 
If you ever have a chance to participate in an event like this, do it!
Just think of it as a giant scavenger hunt. 

-And although we didn't even come close to winning,
the four of us decided that we should still reward ourselves for our efforts with an extravagant meal. 
It just so happened that one of my favorite restaurants, Gabardine, was hosting a special four-course dinner with wine pairings from Laird Family Estate that night, so we decided to go for it. 
It was such a phenomenal experience!
Brian Malarkey's young chef proteges prepared a feast from some of my favorite foods, 
that went along pefectly with the wine. 
Fresh oysters, tender lamb, decadent blue cheese strata... yum!
I'm drooling just thinking about it. 
The amount of wine we consumed was definitely too indulgent for a Sunday night,
especially when we had to lose an hour of sleep the next morning before work (side eye time-change deciders)
So worth it though!

How was your weekend?!



Cece said...

We did an amazing quest type thing that is put on through my husbands jobs a couple weekends ago. So much fun! We finished dead last. I like the idea of visiting snow...then leaving it behind.

Lauren said...

Sounds like a fun-filled weekend! I've always wanted to try that SD challenge.

I did Sunday brunch at another Malarkey restaurant, Gingham in La Mesa. I think I like Gabardine better :)

Alyssa Longobucco said...

Those pictures ALMOST have me missing the snow–almost!

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