March 27, 2013

Oh Yum Oahu

To make up for our active lifestyle in Hawaii last month,
we decided to spoil ourselves rotten with the most decadent meals we can get our hands on. 
So what if we had to be in bathing suits every day? 
This food was seriously worth it. 
On our first night on the island we decided to go as big as it gets,
and a fifteen course omakase dinner was just what the doctor ordered. 
The chefs at Sushi Sasabune proceeded to feed us the freshest seafood that we could have ever asked for. 
From squid stuffed with blue crab to the famous negi toro hand rolls,
every bite was absolutely delicious. 
This was not just a dinner,
this was an experience. 
If you ever plan on visiting Sasabune, be prepared to spend several hours learning how to eat, drink and be merry. 
I must put a disclaimer out.. because this is not a cheap thrill. 
Our bill for four people was a hefty $800,
although that did include plenty of liqueur, and in my opinion, the best type of happy ending - a satisfied tummy!
As soon as I started posting Hawaii pictures on Instagram and Twitter,
I recieved a whole slew of "foodie" recommendations from both locals, and from friends who spent a fair share of time on the island. 
Thanks guys! There's nothing better than checking out a place that's been tried and tested.
One common term that kept reappearing was malasadas
Now I'm not going to lie, I wasn't even sure what these things were,
but all I knew is that I had to go to Leonard's to get the best ones in Honolulu. 
So we went, and boy were these things yummy!
What are they, you ask?
From what I was told, malasadas are yeast donuts of Portuguese origin, 
rich with eggs, butter and milk. 
In other words, little balls of goodness...
a perfect substitute for breakfast. 
Oxtail Empanadas - tomato, golden raisin chutney
Brown Butter Gnocchi - house pancetta, garlic puree, charred tomatoes, lemon confit, manchego, oyster mushrooms 
Charcuterie Board - chef's selection
Do you like bacon, salami, ham, and everything else that has to do with pork?
Well I have just the place for you. 
Salt is a perfect combination of modern, hip and upscale.
The food is rich and delicious, 
and the ambiance is fitting for any type of night. 
Take your date upstairs for a romantic evening,
or grab a place at the bar and enjoy the hustle and the bustle that happens all around you. 
No matter where you find a spot, 
just be sure to try as many things off the menu as possible. 
You won't be disappointed. 
Fish Tacos - grilled fish with Cajun seasoning, flour tortillas, tomatillo sauce, guacamole, pico de gallo 
Calamari - seasoned panko breading with lemon caper aioli 
Mac Nut Chicken Katsu - served with guava and lilikoi-honey mustard sauces, steamed rice and macaroni salad 
If you're vacationing in Honolulu, you're bound to spend at least one full day wandering around Waikiki.
Do us both a favor, and stop in for a lunch break at Duke's, one of Hawaii's main staples.
This place has everything one can ask for from a beach hut -
offering seating right by the water, 
with yummy local favorites to go along with that mai tai. 
I can personally say that Duke's Katsu chicken was the BEST I've ever had. 
The mister and I have developed a little tradition, 
whereby we like to say goodbye to our latest vacation with a decadent dinner. 
We're so glad that on this trip, our friends were there to partake in the festivities.
Chef Mavro was a perfect choice to send us off in style. 
Our group decided that a four-course dinner with wine pairings was a perfect choice,
so we sat, we dined, and we reminisced about the amazing time we had over the past five days. 
It was a perfect farewell to paradise. 



Bailey Schneider said...

OH EM GEE!!! ;-)
Your posts never disappoint!
I can't wait to travel to the USA one day - your blog will be my travel guide ;-)

Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

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