March 20, 2013

Postcards from Hawaii - Part II

 The second installment of our Hawaii photos offers a glimpse into some of our island adventures.
We were so happy to have our best friends along with us during this trip,
because together we were constantly out and about, being active and getting into just a little bit of trouble.
One morning, we decided to go on a hike up to Manoa Falls,
one of the easier trails that led through a rainforest on to a beautiful, lush waterfall.

Looks like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park, doesn't it?
In tropical climates, you have to be ready for anything,
so when a monsoon passed over and soaked us during our descent, we decided that the best thing to do was to head straight to the beach and dry off naturally. 

We drove back to Kailua beach that afternoon, because we simply couldn't get enough of the gorgeous sights from the day prior. 
On the way there we stopped by Tamura's to pick up a few pounds of the most delicious fresh ahi to enjoy by the water. 
Once at Kailua, we thought of an even better idea. 
We rented two tandem kayaks and paddled out to a smaller island, away from all the tourists, where we set up a little picnic area and soaked in the sun. 
Pure bliss!
We spent the whole next day snorkeling around Hanauma Bay,
taking breaks in between water sessions to take naps on the beach and fuel up with mimosas.
Can every day be vacation please?!
All decked out in Hawaiian flowers after finally getting leid :)


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Cece said...

So many rainbows in Hawaii! I loved it. Hanauma Bay pics are so pretty. I saw a fish when I was out there and I literally ran back to shore! My husband had a blast snorkeling though.