May 1, 2012

This Yellow's Not So Mellow

Can anyone please explain to me what the hell happened to April?
May 1st already? 
Ah well.. I suppose we're just that much closer to summer. 

I decided to kick the season off early by adding some different color to my wardrobe.
I've been swooning over this Zara blazer since it started making its rounds among the blogosphere. 
Isn't it perfect? 
Samesies with the heels... 
I know you've probably seen them everywhere lately,
but they're just so elegant and chic,
that I simply couldn't pass them up (especially at just $49 a pop!). 

Can't wait to wear this combo on repeat in the next few months - 
they both fit like a dreaaaam!



Liesl said...

I am wondering the same thing, speaking of, where has this year gone so far?!? In other news, loving that yellow blazer of yours and those shoes...FABULOUS!!! :) Can't wait to see how you style it!

Marie Martell said...

Wow! That blazer is Hott! I love the cut and color! Yes, welcome to May 1st already!
Great pair of sexy shoes!

Andrea said...

The pieces are amazing. I've been thinking about buying these heels as well. They are just so classic but with a twist.
Wonderful and Marvelous

Dianna said...


Sophie said...

ohhh its so so gorgeous. i need this in my closet!

and i feel the same way..HOW is it may already?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweety, Great Pots & very nice photos. I like it. I follow you, hope you follow me back (if you like me blog) big kisses from germany ;***

style point said...

great post x that Zara stuff r amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!love it!yellow rocks and those heels x

Fanciful. said...

In LOVE with this jacket and heels!! MORE in love with your blog!!!
xo, Jessica

Vicky said...

I wish I could wear yellow for this unbelievable jacket! xx

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AO said...

Time sure does fly. I love the Zara blazer and heels. So chic.