May 14, 2012

Hello Lover

Pretty excited about the newest addition to my shoe closet. 
I've been lusting after these B Brian Atwood 'Lenoire' pumps ever since they came out,
and after realizing that they're going to match my recently purchased Maid of Honor dress to a tee,
I just had to make them mine. 

Extra bonus?
They're currently on sale for 40% off. 
Done and done. 



Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Obsessed!!!! I love them. They're a perfect color to match w a lot of different outfits.

Squared said...

love these sandals!

Andrea said...

Oh these are gorgeous!! I love the delicate fringe! Very pretty.
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

Lauren Hargrove said...

Best feeling (well one of the best) is when something I wanted finally goes on sale and is still available n my size!!

At that point any other justification (aka wedding) is just icing on the cake :)

AccidentallyBlogger said...

those are some really nice shoes!!!

The Simple Sophistication ∞ said...

omg! such a burgain!! love them!!!!!!

danielle p. said...

ahh i love these!! are they from nordstrom? there's a pair of b brian atwood's there that i'm eyeing :] hope you show us what they look like with your dress!