May 5, 2012


Hello lovelies!
Just wanted to check-in and wish everyone a very happy Cinco de Mayo,
and to also tell you about an adorable little restaurant we recently discovered.
Nestled in the heart of North Pacific Beach,
Table 926 uses ingredients that, 
whenever possible,
are produced from local sustainable farms. 
Because of this,
the menu is constantly changing and evolving,
offering dishes that are always fresh and equally delicious. 

Below are just a few snapshots that I gathered with my iPhone last night. 
1. Stuffed Squash Blossoms - seasonal special
2. Pan Roasted Local Halibut - sauteed gnocchi, peas, asparagus, sunchoke puree and citrus butter
3. Glazed Pork Cheeks - guajillo-tamarind glaze, brazed greens and polenta
4. Caramelized Banana Split - strawberry, vanilla and nutella ice cream, along with assorted toppings

As for Cinco de Mayo..
don't worry, we're not going to be lame. 
We're heading out for some serious tequila and guac time in Old Town for the day. 
Wish us luck... I hear tequila changes people..



Sienna said...

old town is only the best place in SD to go for cinch de mayo:)

alicia said...

you are gorge!