May 7, 2012

Cinco de Drinko

In my last post I mentioned that we were planning to visit Old Town San Diego 
for some Cinco de Mayo festivities. 
Well, we did.
And it was loads of fun,
if you couldn't already tell by the pictures.

Old Town is known as the birthplace of California,
as well as the mecca of some of the most delicious Mexican food in our city. 
This year the place was out of control -
full of people, tacos and tequila. 
In other words,
it was a perfect setting for one hell of a fiesta. 

Did you get a chance to celebrate this wannabe Mexican holiday?



Olivia.Dee said...

we made it to old town later in the evening and everyone was still going strong. then... the beer garden ran out of beer. sad day. looks like i'll have to make it out during the day next year!

Fanciful. said...

I've been to old town SD and remember the mexican food being to die for!! Looks like you guys had a fab time!! Where did you get those sunnies-too cute!!
xo, Jessica

S T E P H A N I E L E A N N said...

This looks like the place to be! So much goodness in one spot. You all take great photos!

christine donee said...

cinco de mayo is only my FAVORITE wanna be Mexican holiday! ;) But seriously. I love it.

Anna said...

I feel like I need to move to California solely to celebrate Cinco De Mayo the proper way... Looks amazing!!

The Simple Sophistication ∞ said...

lovely photss!! u r soo cuteee!!