May 19, 2012

Late Lovin

The most awesome thing happened a few weeks ago. 
As I was scanning through my load of daily emails,
I came across a message from a PR company that happens to represent Brian Malarkey's restaurant dynasty. 
Obviously I was intrigued..
yeah yeah yeah, do I even need to mention how much I love all of those fabric-named establishments?

In a gist, 
the email thanked me for all the support I've expressed right here on this very blog, 
and in return came with an offer to check out Burlap Late.

North County rejoice!
There's finally something exciting to look forward to after dinner. 
My favorite restaurant now transforms into an upbeat lounge every weekend,
and I got a chance to personally check it out last night, VIP style. 

My friends and I were set up with a table and a couple of bottles on the house. 
We drank, we danced, we partied. 
It was such a fabulous night,
and I'm so thankful to Enlightened Hospitality Group,
and of course to Burlap for treating us so generously. 
Burlap Late operates every Friday and Saturday night after 10 p.m. 
My cocktail of choice was the Snake Oil Citrus Infused Vodka with Basil Lemonade. 
Soooo delicious!

So what do you think my party people?
Planning to skip downtown next weekend and head to Del Mar instead?
I don't blame ya. 
In fact, you'll probably see me there again very shortly. 



Jessica Gitler said...

wow, what a amazing opportunity!! I am a wee bit jealous!!

The Fashionable ESQ said...

You guys look great! I love the header/layout of your blog. It's really cute! :)
The Fashionable ESQ

Anonymous said...

Your friend in the black has that gorgeous turquoise Banana Republic necklace. I need to get that necklace!

It looks like you guys had a blast!