April 28, 2012


Get excited friends,
because I think I finally found the perfect beauty buy. 

Recently I've noticed more and more ads popping up all over the blogosphere 
about the miraculous power of BB creams. 
I'm not going to lie,
I was a bit skeptical about them at first...
a few of the reviews that I read said that BB creams may not be the best alternative for sensitive skin,
which I unfortunately have to deal with.
But nonetheless,
during my latest visit to Ulta,
I decided to try out the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
I tried a tiny bit on my hand while I was still at the store,
and it practically melted on, 
and made the surface look almost air-brushed.
So I figured, why not?

let me just tell you..
this was the BEST impulse buy ever!
I'm absolutely in love with this stuff. 
I smooth on a pea size drop onto my face every morning after my usual moisturizer,
follow it up with some blush,
and I'm on my way. 
So easy,
and it miraculously lasts all day,
without turning greasy, cakey, or blotchy. 

BB creams are packed with tons of benefits on their own,
since the product was originally developed to aid in recovery after laser skin surgery,
but I personally feel that this Smashbox version takes it to a whole other level. 
The Camera Ready formula works to prime, perfect, hydrate, protect and control oils.
Yep, that's 5 benefits for the price of 1,
in case anyone was counting. 
The hydration part is my favorite - 
apparently this product can improve skin in as little as 4 weeks. 

like I already mentioned,
I'm pretty obsessed with this stuff. 

Have you ever used BB creams?
What are your thoughts?



Jessica Gitler said...

i just bought some of this stuff the other week and I am so with you on this one, best stuff I have ever used!!

Justine said...

Okay, i'm dying to try this. Tomorrow i'm headed to Sephora!

Andrea said...

I've heard a lot of great reviews for BB creams. And the Smashbox one is supposed to be one of the best, but what's the difference to a tinted moisturizer??
Wonderful and Marvelous

Halle said...

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Classic+Glam Blog

Dale Janeé said...

I think Smashbox should hire you because I seriously read through this review and want to go buy it right now. I already like Smashbox primers but this product sounds truly amazing. I'm so glad you shared about it, Sounds amazing!!

xoxo from San Francisco

Ketty said...

Thank you for sharing this, i have to try it. now I am using BB from Garnier miracle skin perfector-it´s quite good better then make-up.

check out also my blog:


xx ketty xx

Vicky said...

Thank you for your comment Natasha. Yes they are recent - you'll also find them on the Gucci website. Do we already follow each other?


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Anonymous said...

Great review!