April 19, 2012


My April Birchbox arrived today,
just in time for me to link up to Mrs. Stephanie T.'s Little Bits of Happiness post.
Every week, she highlights just a few little things that make her happy.. 
We should all be more thankful for the tiny things in life.

This month's goodies transported me straight to Europe.. 
Among some of my favorites were the the Atelier Cologne
with its intoxicating fragrance of blood oranges, jasmine and sandalwood,
as well as the organic beauty balm
that goes on as smooth as butter, and is just the perfect shade of bronze.

This is my second Birchbox to date,
and I can honestly say that I'm a very satisfied customer.

A few of you responded to my last post about this program,
and told me that it was unclear whether it was free or not. 
Well... just to clarify,
you do have to pay a membership fee,
but the nice thing is that it's only $10 a month! 
I know, I know,
you can probably go out an get most of these samples for free at some fancy schmancy department store,
but here's the thing,
I have personally never heard of any of the brands I was introduced to this month,
so the chance of me seeking them out on my own is minimal. 
there's always the fact that you get to open up a pretty pink box every few weeks!

These are the little things that are making me happy today. 
What about you?


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Natalie Leung said...

really nice box, I wonder how that beauty balm works out! now following, and thanks for the comment :)