April 27, 2011

Prague - A Nightly Beauty

During our time in Berlin we managed to make it out for a pub crawl (which btw was awesome and lasted till 4 a.m., but that's a whole other story), where we met some interesting people from all over the world. Anyone we'd talk to that night seemed to have the same opinion of Prague.. it's gorgeous, truly, but it's even more incredible during the night. Not taking our new-found friends' advice for granted, we took a nap after exploring Prague by day, and ventured out into the starry night. Wow.. what a sight... Prague is truly magical, any time of the day.
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jo_annie said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!!!! Love every one of them!

melisanz said...

Amazing Pics friend!

Bobby Earle said...

Prague at night... Probably the most enchanting city on earth!