April 15, 2011

Berlin - Highlights

I'm baaaack! And I have a ton of awesome pictures to share with you from our adventures in Berlin, Prague and Vienna.

Let's dive right in, shall we? We spent the first three nights of our trip in Berlin, Germany. What an awesome place! The architecture... the food.. the nightlife! Yes, we did it all. And we did it all FAST! I won't bore you with details of our jam-packed itinerary.. All I'm going to say is that we had an awesome time with zee Germans. Here's a first look into our lives over the past week..

So what do you think? Stay tuned, because next I'll show you where we stayed, and most importantly, what we ate! Happy Friday everyone!! Auf wiedersehen!

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Heather said...

What great pics! I love the Coke and YSL ones :)

kelcy ☼ said...

That looks like so much fun!!
I can't wait til my next European adventure <3