March 30, 2011


Spring is officially upon us, which means those dark, gloomy nails are sooo last season. I've always been a sucker for manicures, not only because they feel amazing and my nails always look perfect when I walk out the door, but also because my impatience usually get's the best of me, so whenever I try to paint my own nails, they're usually smudged within minutes.. buh! That was until I discovered American Apparel Nail Lacquer. Can we say obsessed?! I started out with just one bottle because I was drawn in by the color, but it didn't take long for me to build a whole collection! I meaaaan not only are the shades highly pigmented, (one coat is all it takes to get that gorgeous color ladies), but the polish dries within minutes, so I no longer have to worry about looking like a two year old just painted my nails! And did I mention they're also reasonably priced? Only $6 per bottle! Or, better yet, get 3 for $15. L Esprit and Office are my fave colors so far... I swear, eventually I'll own the whole set. Now that's what I call OBSESSED!

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Heather said...

I've never tried their polishes before! Bring one (or all) next time and I'll give 'em a try. I'm kind of obsessed with nail polish in general this year and these colors look like fun!

melisanz said...

This came at a perfect time friend! Going to cut back on my weekly manicures (wedding budget) and try to do them myself. I was wondering what nail polish would be best since I too am VERY impatient and cannot stay still for two minutes. Thanks for the recommendation going to head over to American Apparel this week (block from my work).
Have a great trip if I don't talk to you before you leave.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

Ploi P. said...

And I just spent around $7 for 1 Revlon QuickSpeed.
The shades look so vibrant for those scared of wearing too much color in my outfits (like me)


Gold Bra Strap said...

Wonderful colors!!!