March 16, 2011

Tourist In My Own Town

Last week was brutal. The world's supposed to end in 2012?! Who needs to wait that long, when it feels like life is falling apart at your very own fingertips now? Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating... just a little bit, but last week seriously sucked! I won't bore you with the details of my hardships, because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can compare my struggles to what happened in Japan recently. I know I'm a little late to blog about the issue, so all I'm going to say is that my heart sincerely goes out to everyone who was affected, and continues to be tested by the natural disaster that literally shook that amazing country to its core.

On a MUCH lighter note... after a very long week, I desperately wanted to escape. Ugh... vacation is not for another 24 days? Dang it! The only other option was to strap on my fanny pack and play tourist in my own town. What are some touristy things to do in San Diego? Google it. Cabrillo National Monument? My god! I can't believe I've NEVER been there before!! The hubs and I quickly packed up the essentials, (2 tiny little pups, 2 home-made turkey sandwiches and 1 giant camera), and off we went!

Are we the only San Diego natives that have been missing out on this gorgeousness? First off, the drive up to the national monument is absolutely beautiful. The entrance fee to the park is $5 per car, or $3 per person if you're riding a bike or walking in. Dogs are NOT allowed by the monument (woopsie), but they ARE allowed down by the tidepools, so we headed down there first. After walking the trails with the pooches and snapping a few photos, we headed back up to the monument.

So who is this Cabrillo fella anyway? You can learn all about how Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo led the first European expedition to explore what is now the west coast of the United States at the visitors center, or by reading the handy-dandy brochure that they give you when you enter the park... Either way, his monument sits atop of Point Loma, neighbored only by the old Point Loma Lighthouse, and the spectacular panoramic views stretch all the way from Mexico to the snow capped mountains of east Los Angeles.

So whether you're an SD native, or a tourist planning your next trip to America's Finest City, I strongly suggest you check out the Cabrillo National Monument. The scenery alone will smack you out of whatever funk you're in. Cheers!

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Sheila said...

Nice pictures!!!

Melissa Mae Medina said...

Gus and I went there a few weeks ago! Definitely a hidden treasure =) He loved it!

travelkate said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful San Diego landmark. I am a native of San Diego who recently moved to Texas, so I am always longing for a taste of the city I left behind that I love so much!