March 10, 2011


Now, I know that using argan oil to hydrate your locks is no new discovery, but I just have to say... I am OBSESSED with this stuff!! Seriously. I started using Moroccan Oil products a few months ago and will never ever stop, they're that good.

I have been bleaching my hair since god knows when, and although I love the look of sunkissed highlights in my hair, I just can't stand the damage it causes to my tresses. I've literally tried hundreds of repair products over the years but nothing has left me truly satisfied... until I tried Moroccan Oil. This stuff is the bomb!

Ok, so the first product I bought was the Restorative Hair Mask. Looooove it. Like most hair masks, you apply this bad boy after shampooing and let penetrate for a few minutes. I personally take it to a whole other level. After smoothing the mask throughout my hair, I actually get out of the shower and slip on a shower cap and a robe. This lets me walk around the house and go about my business while moisturizing at the same time. Extra points if you also slab on a colorful clay mask on that beautiful face. <-- This is a winning look to get caught with by the way... my husband loves it. Nooot. But hey, beauty is pain shame, right?

I typically use the hair mask about once every week and a half.. sometimes more often if I've done some serious styling over the weekend. It leaves my hair silky smooth, and the smell is to die for... kinda nutty.. a little musky? Anyhoo, get it. You won't regret it. Promise. 

The other two products that I most commonly use are the Original Moroccan Oil and the Hydrating Styling Cream. I just want to be clear.. I am doomed with the oily-scalp-dry-ends syndrome, so when my hair dresser first suggested that I use OIL to moisturize, I looked at her like she was crazy. Luckily, she had a small bottle of it at her salon so I was able to test a little bit on my hair that day. And. I. Was. Hooked. I don't know what the magic trick is, but when I apply a dab of this stuff to my towel dried hair, it leaves my locks shiny and moisturized for the whole day. No oil, no frizz, no fret. The difference between the two is that I usually use the styling creme when I'm planning to curl my hair or actually put more effort into it other than just gliding a hair straightner through it a couple of times. That's it. 

So now you know my secret. The products aren't the cheapest in the world, but you're only supposed to use a tiny amount each time, so they will last you foreeeeever. So worth it. 

What are your best hair tricks?! Do share!

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