March 18, 2011

Gorilla Juicehead Leprechauns

Happy Friday everybody! We made it through another long week.. yahoo! Just wanted to do a quick post about what I did for St. Patrick's day yesterday...

We decided to celebrate at The Firehouse this year.. The drinks were cheap, the food was delicious, the DJ's were awesome, and the gorilla juicehead leprechauns put on a pretty good show flirting with girls that may have spent just a wee bit too long in the tanning beds.. what more can you ask for? I always have a great time at the Firehouse.. especially since valet parking is complimentary and the firemen are always on watch, (yes, the name comes from the fact that the restaurant is literally set atop of a firehouse). So stop in sometime after strolling the famous Mission Beach boardwalk. Jersey Shore natives are not guaranteed, but are always welcome hahaha.


1 comment:

kelcy ☼ said...

yummmy!! I went to Firehouse last time I was in San Diego :)
sitting on the upper deck patio is definitely a must
looks like you had a great st. patty's day!!