March 29, 2011

Reminiscing And It Feels So Good..

In exactly one week from today, the hubby and I will be taking off on another adventure. Where are we going this time? Well, we figured that there's no better place to celebrate our six-months wedding anniversary than Europe, since that's where we went on our honeymoon.. (<-- I know, gag.. I sound obnoxious even to myself). Nevertheless, by next Tuesday we'll be breezing through three different cities in three different countries: 1)Berlin Germany, 2) Prague, Czech Republic and 3) Vienna, Austria. Do any of my lovely readers have any suggestions of places to visit while we're there? I am currently in my obsessive planning phase, and even though we only have seven days left until we depart, it seems as though time cannot move any slower! All we can do is patiently wait and reminisce about our latest trip via photos... It's only been six months since we visited Italy, France and Spain, but I already miss it so... What fun vacations do you have planned in the near future? 


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