October 5, 2016


Hey guys, just stopping in to tell you about a new Italian restaurant that recently opened... in Little Italy. 
But it's not just an Italian restaurant.
It's an homage to the Busalacchi family's Sicilian heritage,
and if I've learned anything about Sicily, it's that they play in a league of their own.

I stopped by Barbusa for lunch a couple of weeks ago, 
and mentally bookmarked the place as a new go-to restaurant whenever I need a carb fix.
The pasta is all housemate, and tastes incredible!
I tried out the daily special, thin cut spaghetti doused with crab and vodka sauce, and was not disappointed. 
Of course if you are disciplined with your diet, there's options for everyone.
Seafood is plentiful, and if you like it straight from the ocean,
I suggest you snag a seat at the crudo bar and order up some fresh urchin. 

If you're in a pinch, or don't feel like stuffing your face with a full course meal,
this place has an awesome bar area, and quite a selection of small apps. 
The ambiance is lovely.. modern and romantic at the same time. 
Next time you're planning a date night, or want to impress someone with a business lunch,
request a table by the window. 
I love me a green wall, and Barbusa knows how to swoon me. 



Kitchen Cabinet said...

Amazing, perfectly cooked pasta, right in the heart of Little Italy!

Unknown said...

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