January 23, 2016

Copenhagen, Denmark - Part I

There she is!
Am I referring to the little mermaid or to myself?
Both I suppose..
The signature statue to kick off my overdue post about my visit to Copenhagen last year,
and myself since I haven't posted anything on this blog in several months.
Guess life just got in the way. 

Let's talk about Denmark though.
This country has been on my wanderlist since I realized just how many incredible culinary endeavors are available. 
Ever heard of Nomanomics?
This article is an oldie but goodie, and is definitely worth a read if you've never heard of Noma.

Food aside, (I'll get back to this important topic in my next post),
Denmark has always intrigued me.
The country has been ranked at the top of nearly every quality of life survey taken over the past decade.
What is it about this place that makes everyone so happy?
After spending a few days there I could definitely see why everyone loves it.
Copenhagen is straight out of a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. 



Unknown said...

Welcome back ILWSD!

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Cabinet Makers said...

I was not expecting the food in Copenhagen to be that good. When I visited in 2015 I was on a total backpacker budget, mostly eating from supermarkets. I was blown away with every single meal I had in Denmark this time around, all of it not only delicious, but fresh and locally-sourced.


Hermosas imagenes!!