May 24, 2015

Spa Days are the Best Days

Is there anything more relaxing than spending a whole day lounging around in a cabana
in between heavenly rub downs and lavender showers?
Probably not. 
I'm a firm believer in spalidays,
and the spa at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is one of my new favorite spots in San Diego. 

The luxury hotel recently underwent a $12 million renovation,
and I was asked to come check out the spa,
since you know... I'm an expert.
It truly made for a perfect day though. 
The sun was shining, the birds were chirping,
and as soon as I slipped into that robe I felt like I was in paradise. 

The menu of services is impressive,
making the decision nearly impossible.
But alas, I came to my senses and settled for the hot stone massage. 
Holy moly.. can I just tell you,
I feel like I couldn't even walk afterwards?
Why? Because I was THAT relaxed. 
I practically floated out of that room, and on to the patio,
where I had a nice little salad waiting for me in a cabana. 
So shi shi shi, you know what I mean?!

I'm one of those people that can't lay around for too long without getting restless,
so after a little while I decided to go explore around the hotel grounds.
Reminds me of the Spanish countryside, with a modern twist. 
I already have plans to go back and check out Morada,
the newest restaurant on the property that offers a locally sourced California inspired menu that is constantly evolving. 
You guys need to follow suit.
5951 Linea Del Cielo
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 


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