July 24, 2014

Tacos Perla

There are sooo many new restaurants opening up around San Diego,
that I can barely keep up. 
Tacos Perla is just one of the new kids in one of my favorite SD neighborhoods - North Park. 

The concept is pretty straight forward - we're talkin just tacos. 
While I opted for the taco Del Mar, as well as the Vegan option with extra portobello mushrooms,
the guys I was with couldn't stop raving about how good the Adobada tacos were. 
Noted for next time. 
The house-made corn tortillas were on point, 
and the cucumber agua fresca was super refreshing on a hot summer day like yesterday. 

If you care to spice up your traditional tacos,
feel free to choose from the add-ons of cheese, chicharonnes, or.... crickets. 
Yes. Crickets
They sell them. We bought them. I ate one. Boom.
House made salsas. No. 2 was my personal favorite!
Hahaha don't worry, I didn't accidentally find this guy in my taco. He was consciously ordered.
Vegan and Del Mar tacos. Yum!
Traditional tacos de carne asada and adobada. 
3000 Upas Street
San Diego, CA 92104


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Andrew D'Aprile said...

Nice review. The restaurant is I'm North park though.