March 1, 2014

Weekend Wants

Apparently California is experiencing the worst storm in 4 years. 
I, for one, absolutely love this weather. 
It's perfect for getting cozy under a furry blanket, 
but to be honest, 
I don't mind hitting the streets and playing in the rain either. 
It's all about being prepared,
so here are my top picks to beat the rainy day blues. 

One: Burberry is known for their classic trenches. I love the pop of color on this one. 

Two: My hair gets a little cray cray with all this moisture. This Rag & Bone fedora is perfect for keeping the tresses tamed. 

Three: This Louis Vuitton scarf is cozy as can be. I have the same one in grey, and I swear I have been living in it lately. 

Four: I'm obsessed with all Celine handbags. This cute little crossbody is great for running errands. 

Five: While most rain boots tend to be on the clunky side, these Gucci ones look so chic! Hard to believe they're made out of rubber. 

Six: And of course, you can't brave the rain without a proper umbrella! Keep it classic with this lovely one from Chanel


1 comment:

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

It hailed where we live! I'm not a fan but I know we need it. And it was nice to finally get to wear my uggs.