January 9, 2014

Singapore Photo Diary

For the last leg of our Southeast Asia tour,
we decided to visit Singapore, 
an affluent modern city that is full of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences and a tropical climate.
There are many reasons why I wanted to check this place out - 
tasty food, good shopping and a vibrant night-life scene being just a few. 
I'm happy to report that Singapore did not disappoint us on any of those fronts. 
The only bummer was that when we were there, 
the city was shrouded in haze as smoke from forest fires in nearby Sumatra drifted across the Malacca Strait in the city's worst pollution crisis in more than a decade.
It didn't actually stop us from going out and exploring, but unfortunately we missed out on some of the views.

Below is a small photo diary from our time there, with a few recommendations.
Schedule some shopping time! It felt like there was a mall on every corner.
Bugis Junction was right by our hotel, so we were popping in and out on a constant basis. 
Devour some Chili Crab! One of the most popular Singapore dishes.
Despite the name, it's not very spicy at all, but is absolutely drool worthy!
We tried the one above at Jumbo Seafood. Sooo yummy!
Our "Fade to Black - Metallica" room at the Wanderlust Hotel.
This place was AWESOME!
Situated in Little Italy, this hotel was created with adventurous travelers in mind.
Each of the 29 rooms has a different theme. Ours happened to be rockstar worthy.
(Can you tell I was feeling inspired?)
I highly, highly recommend this place for your next trip to Singapore.
Be sure to check out Cocotte, a lovely French bistro on the ground level of the hotel. 
Anyone willing to guess what this dish was?
It may look like noodles, but it was actually jelly fish!
We saw it on the menu at Jumbo Seafood and just had to give it a try.
Very different! 
The Singapore Flyer taken over by the haze.
It's the world's tallest Ferris wheel, and if the conditions permitted, we would have definitely gone for a spin.
You have to check out Merlion Park and have your photo taken with Singapore's mascot!
Stop by Chinatown to indulge in some dim sum and pick up a few souvenirs!
Window shopping on Orchard Road! So many beautiful things to fantasize about. 
Yum! Dim Sum!


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