August 20, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia - Part II

One of the main reasons Erik and I decided to venture out to Siem Reap,
was to see Angkor Wat with our own eyes. 
Considered to be one of the wonders of the world,
this temple complex still stands as the largest religious monument on earth. 
Pretty impressive, considering that the structure was built in the early 12th century by Khmer King Suryavarman II.
Translated as "Temple City" from the Khmer language,
Angkor Wat was everything we imagined, and then some. 

We knew we had a long day of sightseeing ahead of us,
which is why we decided to wake up extra early and catch the sunrise over the temples from a hot air balloon. 
This was definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my life, 
not only because I'm deathly afraid of heights,
but also because the views were nothing short of gorgeous. 
After landing back on the ground,
we went and grabbed some breakfast before setting out for a full-day expedition around the ruins. 
Our first destination was Angkor Wat.
Just a point of clarification - 
Angkor Wat is just one of the temples constructed in the center of Siem Reap,
just south of Angkor Thom, the last and most enduring capital of the Khmer Empire. 
Angkor Thom is actually home to several other temples, including the Bayon Temple, but more about that later. 
Today I'd like to share some photos from our time in Angkor Wat. 

We entered the complex from the back,
away from the rest of the tourists, and rather in the company of monkeys. 
We spent hours wandering around the giant complex... trying to take it all in,
awed by the sheer beauty of the architecture that lies in the center of the jungle. 
Like I said... the temple is truly wondrous. 
Something that everyone should witness for themselves, 
and I feel so privileged to be able to cross this site off my list of "must see places in the world". 



Unknown said...

wow, that place looks amazing! i've always wanted to travel to cambodia.

xoxo, Oleah

lauren | eyes/ears/mouth+lens said...

This has me so nostalgic thinking back to my trip! And sunset watching from a hot air balloon? Wow!! Cool couple alert.