May 3, 2013

Two for One Special

May Gray my butt. 
I'm happy to report that San Diego has been going through a little heat wave for the past two days,
and it's been 95 and GORGEOUS.
And who wants to be stuck inside when it's so nice out?
Not me! 

My bestie and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, 
so we met up for cocktails right after work last night. 
Destination: Polite Provisions,
the shiny new product brought to us by Consortium Holdings,
the same peeps that spoil us with Craft & Commerce, Noble Experiment, Underbelly and Neighborhood
Love all those spots, and Polite Provisions is no exception. 

Packed with hipsters to the brim, this place is cool. 
As we made our way past the plaid shirts and suspenders, I was immediately smitten by the decor. 
The open air ceilings may have been my favorite part, 
letting a nice breeze and great lighting into the place, while we pondered over which cocktail to indulge in. 
We let the crafty mixologists entertain us for a while, until we got hungry,
and that's where the second part of the story begins.
The Swine A La Carte - smoked pork with chipotle and pepperjack
Mac & Cheese and Asparagus
Right next door to Polite Provisions, is a tiny little meatball shop called Soda & Swine
No, you can't order food directly from the bar, because after all, they're two separate businesses,
and one of these things is not like the other as far as liquor licensing goes. 
what you can do, is politely cover your cocktail with a napkin, 
cross your fingers that you won't get roofied,
and walk over next door to place your order. 
Grab your number and bring it right back to the bar. 
The nice thing is that they will bring your meal over and even allow you to take your time as you slowly shovel all this glorious food into your mouth. 

A few hours later, and you'll be as giddy as the two fools pictured below. 
Definitely recommend this place!
4696 30th Street
North Park, CA 92116

2943 Adams Avenue
North Park, CA 92116


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