December 26, 2012

Mount Woodson

Hi guys! 
How was your Christmas??
Ours flew by like a whirlwind,
but I'm happy to report that I was actually able to tear myself away from stuffing my face a few times,
and spend some time outdoors. 

I've been wanting to hike Mount Woodson for a while now,
and getting a few extra days off work seemed like a perfect opportunity to do just that. 
Situated above beautiful Lake Poway,
the trail offers stunning views of San Diego,
and if you look closely, you may even catch a glimpse of the dowtown skyline. 
The whole hike takes approximately three hours (roundtrip),
with the best reward being the photo-op at the Potato Chip Rock (<-- actual name).
Walking on top of the world is a little bit intimidating if you suffer from acrophobia like I do.
But the views are so worth it!
Conquered the famous Potato Chip Rock!
It does, in fact, look like a pringle. Right?
If you're in San Diego and in the mood for a challenge,
I definitely recommend this trail. 
It's more difficult than Cowles Mountain,
which is my usual pick for an outdoors cardio session,
but it's definitely manageable. 
My booty-cheeks hurt so good the next day!



Oliviaaa said...

I've definitely been wanting to hike Mt Woodson for some time now. I just keep finding excuses not to. :|

pearl said...

When I hiked it, we got back down and napped for days. My butt definitely felt it for at least a week!

Unknown said...

Mt. Woodson is a great hike. Thanks for sharing!

Catherine Fishback said...

Wow, this looks beautiful and that final climb does look a bit scary!

Cute blog!

Catherine (your newest follower)
FEST (food, style, travel)

Heather said...

I'm definitely going to add this to my hiking list! I've been wanting to get outdoors more for workouts and this seems perfect!